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Thank you very much for presentation of your energetic work crossing various countries... By skimming your webpage, we were able to catch the philosophy of your project... Finally, please note that, according to the result of the evaluation, UNESCO would be able to offer moral and practical support to your project.

Tereza Wagner,
Division of Arts and Cultural Enterprise,
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.
7, place de Fontenoy
75352 Paris 07 SP France


Innocent Marpl can be a little monster, with the head of a lion and the body of a dolphin. The latter would coil, the former gnash its fangs. It could adorn an entrance or simply burst out of a wall without any apparent puprose, the absence of whitch would make it oddly recognizable. In a certain line of work, and at a certain age, nothing is more recognizable than a lack of puprose. The same goes for a fusion of two or more traits or properties, not to mention genders.

Book of Innocence

The Innocent Marpl Project

contemporary music, visual arts, literature
and live performance project

is created in the USA, Ireland, Italy, Russia,
Japan, Malaysia, Ukraine, Latvia etc


Non-linear novel-action
The Innocent Marpl Project

British composer and musician Innocent Marpl who passed away on November 11, 1849 in Stoke Newington on account of serious mental disorder, throughout the course of illness was possessed by phantasmagoric hallucinations in which he played the role of rural fiddler - poet, drunkard and visionary who had lived several centuries earlier. Hallucinations of historical Marpl find unexpected confirmation in a number of ancient texts and scores, dated approximately from late Renaissance and telling of legendary life of rural fiddler named Innocent Marpl who - at least in literary and musical senses - turns out to be not less real than composer Marpl from the XIX century. The myth is looped...
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The mystery of Innocent, your mystery

Innocent Marpl is a breath of mystery on your cheek. Co-operation with mystery changes the essence of art: instead of imitating life it becomes life itself. Innocent Marpl is inimitable because his mystery is his essence, and how can you multiply a mystery? You can just touch it. Being filled with inexhaustible senses Innocent is polysemantic and it is the pledge of his success: he is not adequate to himself because he does not stop changing. Therefore Innocent is a process, not result. And by abolishing result we turn art into a ritual.
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The Innocent's Old Fiddle

Innocent Marpl on his way home is accosted by an old man (the devil in disguise) who attempts to push a book on him. Innocent protests that he hasn't any money to buy the book. The old man assures him that the book will bring him wealth untold and that he will gladly exchange it for the Innocent's cheap old fiddle. Recognizing a good bargain, Innocent Marpl agrees but soon finds he can't make heads or tails of the book. The devil proposes a simple solution: come stay at my house for a few days (where I have good foods, cigars and drink) and you can teach me to play this fiddle while I teach you the ways of the book. Innocent agrees and soon finds that the old man was as good as his word.
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Dust for the Innocents

Scenario for a Radio Play by Mikhail & Anna Razuvaevs

2nd Observer. Hello... Boss, Im here with the group... Some sort of devilishness... No, not me... He made the call and left a message on the answering machine, saying he was going to the tapped apartment... yes... I know its not allowed... No, its unfathomable... Everything was fine, we came and the apparatus was working, the machine listening and writing... no, no sound, just the background, snow... some kind of dust... yes, he said so himself: dust... And its as if everythings evaporated... we looked in the apartment, even broke down the door. No one had been there in a long time... A layer of dust two fingers thick... no footprints, nothing... Ok, understood, well pack up.
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The Song About the Old Fiddler

Well we give the dealer the money
and the old man so shadilly dressed,
picked up the violin, stuck it under his chin
and he played like a man possessed.

He played Sonatas and Fugues,
and some Innocent Marpl's Songs too,
played composers like Johann Sebastian Bach
to mention only a few.

He played waltzes by Strauss and Die Fledermaus,
and Tales From the Vienna Wood,
then Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto
(but he didn't play that quite so good).
Its only one of Innocent Marpls Songs


Notes on the Periphery of a Painted Space

Innocent people: Aija Zarina. Life story by Antra Klavina

She has always operated with the maximum simplicity, but at the same time with extremely deep meanings and conceptual symbols, for which the rational borders of intellectual art could be too narrow - but are free in Aijas sensually perceptive space. Being enclosed in the rhythms and energetic vibrations of her symbols, in her intimate rituals, as if she was a Tibetan monk, having closed the door to chance acquaintances, to the chaos brought by information overload by the mass media, she measures her publicity carefully. Shes become like a circle, to a figure eight - 8 - to the sign of infinity. She has concentrated her attention only on the mysterious movements of spiritual life, and the variation of these connected forms. Not wanting to talk about anything else but art.
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The Parish Church of St Mary in Stoke Newington

By the middle of the nineteenth century Stoke Newington had emerged from rural obscurity. The area was being developed rapidly, and in 1849 - after mysterious incident with Rev. Jerome D.Rabbit - a new parish of St. Matthias was carved out of the southern portion of St. Mary's, the present church of St. Matthias being completed in 1853.
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Here are only a few of Innocent texts on this page.
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 Letters of someone else
Letters of
someone else

Real audio

Razuvaev:<br> Innocent <br>mail-art

Innocent at the world's end
Innocent at the
world's end

Aija Zarina in Innocent's field
Aija Zarina
in Innocent's

Per Aspera Ad Astra. Marpl's Goglus
Per Aspera
Ad Astra.
Marpl's Goglus

Amelie Poulain meets Innocent Marpl



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