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Thank you very much for presentation of your energetic work crossing various countries... By skimming your webpage, we were able to catch the philosophy of your project... Finally, please note that, according to the result of the evaluation, UNESCO would be able to offer moral and practical support to your project.

Tereza Wagner,
Division of Arts and Cultural Enterprise,
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.
7, place de Fontenoy
75352 Paris 07 SP France


Innocent Marpl can be a little monster, with the head of a lion and the body of a dolphin. The latter would coil, the former gnash its fangs. It could adorn an entrance or simply burst out of a wall without any apparent puprose, the absence of whitch would make it oddly recognizable. In a certain line of work, and at a certain age, nothing is more recognizable than a lack of puprose. The same goes for a fusion of two or more traits or properties, not to mention genders.

Book of Innocence

Non-linear novel-action
"The Innocent Marpl Project"

Milorad Pavic. Selfportrait
British composer and musician Innocent Marpl who passed away on November 11, 1849 in Stoke Newington, the then suburb of London, on account of serious mental disorder, throughout the course of illness was possessed by phantasmagoric hallucinations in which he played the role of rural fiddler - poet, drunkard and visionary who had lived several centuries earlier, participated in incredible from the point of view of common sense events and meetings and quite informally communicated even with the Lord.

Hallucinations of "historical" Marpl find unexpected confirmation in a number of ancient texts and scores, dated approximately from late Renaissance and telling of legendary life of rural fiddler named Innocent Marpl who - at least in literary and musical senses - turns out to be not less real than composer Marpl from the XIX century. The myth is looped.

It is the conflict of realities of the two Marpls and also their (or his?) never ending antagonism with dark forces where main idea of the present project is based on. Apart from literary and musical elements the project includes ethnological, historical-philosophical, dramaturgic and visual aspects.

Undoubtedly, the point of the project is not only to create with the aforementioned means a certain close-to-real character reflecting with symbolic force the enchanting nature of the creators but - in accordance with the set course of the myth to restore its initial arrangement - as a universal mutual reflection when every object or action is involved into other objects or actions and every portrayal of a person becomes his or her legitimate part, one of the forms of her or his being.

Among the participants of the project

Composers and musicians: Jim Theobald (New York, USA), Mike McFerron (Romeoville, USA), Ciaran Hope (Los Angeles, USA), Jane Charles (Dublin, Ireland), Yaskawa Moclin, Yanagisawa Tetsuya (Nagasaki - Tokyo, Japan), Katsuda Tetsuji, Kadowaki Yumi, Shirage (Nara - Osaka - Kanagawa, Japan), Ti Kai Moy (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), Rjan, Karl Hlamkin (Riga, Latvia), Stefano Montino (Torino, Italy) and others.

Texts and translations: Dmitry Sumarokov, Sandra Yakushonoka, Irina Osadchaya (Riga, Latvia), Mikhail Anna and Tasha Razuvaevs (Penza, Russia), Alexey Burykin (St.Petersburg, Russia), Yuri Proskuryakov (Moscow, Russia), Rafael Levchin, Kevin Carey (Chicago, USA), Max Levchin (San Fransicso, USA), Stefano Montino (Torino, Italy), Hama (Nara, Japan) and others.

Narrative: Aija Zarina, Karl Hlamkin, Rjan, Vadim Mironenko, Dambis, Janis Daugavietis, Didzis Erra, Dmitry Sumarokov.

Visual arts: Mikhail, Anna and Tasha Razuvaevs (Penza, Russia), Vladimir Yakushonok, Kirill Pantellev, Natalia Vikulina (Riga, Latvia), Rafael Levchin (Chicago, USA) and many others.

Information support: contemporary arts magazine "Avanport", Radio KNZ 103.2 (Riga, Latvia), artistic (visio-inclined) magazine-object with visio-emphasis "Goglus" (Penza, Russia), on-line literary magazine "TextOnly", Russian Gothic Project, on-line literary magazine "Setevaja Slovesnost" (Moscow, Russia), Russian connoisseurs of ECM Records (Russia), literary magazine "Mitin Zhurnal" (St.-Petersburg, Russia; Prague, Czech), multicultural multilingual magazine "Reflection" (Chicago, USA) and others.

Internet: Tatiana Snegovskaya-Arsh, Natalia Vikulina (Riga, Latvia).

Consulting support: head of Latvian center of ancient and oriental music, Ph.D. of musicology Boris Avramets (Riga, Latvia), leading scientific consultant of Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of Russian Academy of Sciences, Ph.D. of history Prof. Sevyan Wainstein (Moscow, Russia).

Project curator: Dmitry Sumarokov.

Thanks to

Aija Zarina, Ilja Kukulin, Yo Kubota, Nina Frolkina, Dmitry Voltchek, Ekaterina Vikulina, Olivers Tarvids, Jot Berrza, Diana Barcevska, Kirill Reznik-Martov, Dmitry Arsh, Center for the Promotion of Contemporary Composers, Musicians Society Tornis, Birdy from Russian Gothic Project.


This project is supported by NGO Fabrika EMC2


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Aija Zarina in Innocent's field
Aija Zarina
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Per Aspera Ad Astra. Marpl's Goglus
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